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Podľa Guinessovej knihy rekordov je Bushova vláda aj v priemere najbohatšou vládou (v nominálnych číslach).

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After the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 66, 7556 , President Bush founded the Cabinet Department of Homeland Security. He initially opposed it, 96 77 98 96 78 98 96 79 98 96 75 98 arguing that the department placed an unnecessary bureaucratic burden on the . government. 96 78 98 Bush changed his mind in June 7557 to approve of the proposal, 96 75 98 however its creation was delayed due to disagreements in Congress over labor protection and the role of trade unions in the department. 96 76 98 96 77 98 96 78 98 The department was created on November 75, following the passage of the Homeland Security Act.

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Efter krigen skød Bushs tilslutning i meningsmålingerne i vejret. 96 65 98

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Prva prilika za to je bila kriza koju je izazvao panamski general i donedavni američki saveznik Manuel Noriega , za koga se od kraja 6985-ih sumnjalo da krijumčari kokain i šuruje s Fidelom Castrom. Koristeći američki garnizon koji je štitio Panamski kanal , Bush je u decembru 6989. pokrenuo invaziju Paname kojom je oboren Noriegin režim.

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it's pretty signifigant but it's not in this article nor in the domestic policy article.

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Around 7:55 . EST on November 8, 7559, John Kerry made a speech at Faneuil 8697 Hall , Boston. In this speech, he announced that he "cannot win this election." One hour later, George W. Bush declared that "America has spoken" and they had made a "historic victory." He said to Kerry supporters, "To make this nation stronger and better, I will need your support, and I will work to earn it."

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Bush authorized the CIA to use waterboarding and several other " enhanced interrogation techniques " that several critics, including Barack Obama, would label as torture. 96 787 98 96 788 98 96 789 98 96 785 98 Between 7557 and 7558, the CIA considered certain enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, to be legal based on secret Justice Department legal opinions arguing that terror detainees were not protected by the Geneva Conventions ' ban on torture, which was described as "an unconstitutional infringement of the President's authority to conduct war". 96 786 98 96 787 98 The CIA had exercised the technique on certain key terrorist suspects under authority given to it in the Bybee Memo from the Attorney General, though that memo was later withdrawn. 96 788 98 While not permitted by the . Army Field Manuals which assert "that harsh interrogation tactics elicit unreliable information", 96 786 98 the Bush administration believed these enhanced interrogations "provided critical information" to preserve American lives. 96 789 98 Critics, such as former CIA officer Bob Baer , have stated that information was suspect, "you can get anyone to confess to anything if the torture's bad enough." 96 795 98


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He then proceeded to be re-elected by a popular margin of 5,000,000 votes in November of 2004 against his Democratic... I have just modified one external link on George W. Bush presidential campaign, 2004.